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Willimiesajot is a spectacular two-day cycling event in South Karelia, Finland. On Saturday, top national-level riders compete on Finland’s greatest criterium at Rakuunamäki, Lappeenranta. On Sunday, all friends of cycling, from racers to enthusiasts, have a chance to enjoy road racing. The 136-kilometre Saimaa Road Race offers a variety of sceneries: cityscapes in Lappeenranta, small-town centres at Lemi, Savitaipale and Taipalsaari as well as picturesque country roads.

See you again at Willimiesajot 2020!


General Info

Race numbers

Race baggage and number pick-up at race office saturday 20th of July 10:30 to 15:30 and sunday 21th July 7:30 to 9:00. Willimieskortteli criterium race numbers on the right side and sundays Saimaa Road Race on the left side.


There is plenty of free parking space on the Rakuunamäki area. All traffic to the area through Maneesikatu and Kasarmikatu. Please notice that on saturday 21th of July it’s forbidden to enter to race center by car at 12:15 to 15:00.


Saturday 20.7. Willimieskortteli criterium race

10:30 Race office opens

11:30 Team representatives meeting (M14, M16 ja Women)

12:00 Team representatives meeting (Men)

12:15 Motor traffic to race center closes

12:30 Start M14, M16 ja Naiset

13:00 Childrens competition

13:20 Prize ceremony M14, M16 ja naiset

14:00 Start Men

14:55 Competition ends

15:15 Prize ceremony Men

Sunday 21.7. Saimaa Road Race and Lappeenrannan Energia Free Ride

07:30 Race office opens

08:30 Team representatives meeting

09:00 Race office closes

10:00 Start Saimaa Road Race

10:15 Start Lappeenrannan Energia Free Ride

est.13:15 First competitiors at finish

14:20 Prize ceremony

16:30 Finish closes


Categories and timetables

  • 12.30 PM M14,M16 and Women (10 laps)
  • 14.00 PM Men general (20 laps)

Participation allowed for cyclists with a valid nationaI (any country) or international race license.


  • M14, M16 1.-3. cycling goods item
  • Women: 1. 200€ 2. 150€ 3. 100€
  • Men: 1. 200€ 2. 150€ 3. 100€
    50€. Sprint laps, announced with bell.
    On the 10th lap in the men’s race at the top of the Liisankatu climb. The amount of the price will be determined by the amount newborn saimaa seal cubs at the spring 2019 (67€).



  • Start 1: Competitive group (men and women)

Participation allowed for cyclists with a valid nationaI (any country) or international race license.

  • Start 2: Non competitive group
  • Start 3: Guided average speed groups 34, 32, 30, 28+others km/h

No registeration for guided average speed groups, just choose the right start group.

Participation not allowed with cyclists with a valid national (any country) or international race license. Bicycle helmet is a mandatory. No trashing at any point!

All starts at 10:00


  • Start 1 men: 1. 200€ 2. 150€ 3. 100€, 4th and 5th cycling goods.
  • Women: 1. 200€ 2. 150€ 3. 100€
  • Non-competitive group: 1.-3th cycling goods men and women

Lappeenrannan Energia Free Ride 21.7.2019


  • START 10:15 AM. After long distance riders.
  • Distance 81km. You can choose any bike you want. Good surface roads. Helmet compulsory.
  • No timing but you should finish before 16:00 PM.
  • Take in mind that this is not a race and you should obey normal traffic rules.
  • No littering of any sort is allowed at the start or along the route.


  • Two service point after about 35 km (Pakari) and 55 km (Lemi).

Category ->31.3 ->31.5 ->14.7 Late
Cycling tour (no license, 135 km) 35.00 40.00 50.00 60.00
Criterium M14, M16* 15.00 15.00 15.00 20.00
Criterium adults* 30.00 30.00 30.00 40.00
Criterium- and road race* 60.00 60.00 60.00 70.00
Road race* 40.00 40.00 40.00 60.00
Lappeenrannan Energia Free ride (81 km) 25.00 30.00 35.00 40.00
*Only for riders with a valid national (any nationality) or UCI licence